Mayweather to fight Hatton?

By Matt Stein: There are a number of rumors circulating around that Floyd Mayweather Jr. will, instead of fighting Manny Pacquiao, will be taking on Ricky Hatton next in a rematch of their December 2007 bout. It makes perfect sense, because with Pacquiao making what appears to be a huge blunder by fighting Antonio Margarito in November, Mayweather will be able to line up a fight with Hatton and bring in another 1.4 million pay per view buys. Hatton has resisted making a comeback for the past year since being starched in the 2nd round by Pacquiao last May. However, Hatton has said that he would like to comeback and fight Mayweather if he were interested.

I think this would be the perfect fight for Mayweather to take. He could have it staged in England, where Mayweather is well thought of by the fans, and it would do huge PPV numbers. As long as Mayweather could get a piece of the UK PPV revenue, I think he might do it. If Mayweather really wants to put himself in a strong position for negotiations with Pacquiao in early 2011, fighting Hatton in a rematch would be the way to go. Hatton, of course, would have to burn off 40 to 50 pounds of fat to get down to a decent fighting weight, but I think he could do it for a fight with Mayweather.

Hatton was doing a reasonable job against Mayweather for the first six rounds of the fight before he started having problems with the referee not allowing him to work on the inside. If Hatton can get Mayweather in England, with an English referee and 30,000 Hatton fans screaming encouragement for him, I think he could give Mayweather a reason run for the money. I don’t know if he could win, but if he’s allowed to work on the inside this time, I think he might be problems for Mayweather.

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