Floyd Mayweather's reputation set to take a big hit if he stays silent as deadline passes (Part 2)

People have been quick to condemn Floyd Mayweather's actions in not yet agreeing to fight Manny Pacquiao, but there is certainly more to the issue than simply whether or not he fears risking his unbeaten record.

In the early days of his career and even more recently, Mayweather has at times taken risks. Not that he tends to make a habit of it, but it has happened, and not as long ago as people might assume.

In taking on Shane Mosley in his last outing, Mayweather managed to both boost his public image and leapfrog Pacquiao on several pound for pound lists. Having been away from the sport with a brief retirement and then taking on a fighter used to fighting two divisions below, Floyd's reputation was in tatters.

Undoubtedly he and his handlers knew at the time that he needed to take on a credible opponent. The fight with Pacquiao fell through, Shane Mosley became unexpectedly available at the right time, and the rest is history.

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Although the majority of the fight was one sided, Mosley had a lot of backers going in, and to Mayweather's credit, Mosley was also the highest ranked opponent available at the time. Although he wasn't the same fighter who bludgeoned Antonio Margarito into submission a year before, Floyd wasn't to know what kind of Mosley was going to turn up to take him on that night.

So if he took on a calculated risk back then, why wouldn't he do the same now?

the idea that he is scared of either facing Pacquiao or losing his unbeaten record after 41 fights doesn't seem that likely. Someone scared to fight generally doesn't get to 41-0 to begin with. Unless they take on complete nobodies that is, but aside from taking a few easy fights over the years, Mayweather has faced generally top competition.

The most likely option then is that he either simply doesn't want to fight again this year, or that the terms offered aren't what he wanted. At this stage either is about as likely as the other, and until or unless Mayweather makes a statement to the media, we won't know for sure.

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