Mayweather in Puerto Rico. Fight with Cotto looming?

By Coach Tim Walker – It has been reported recently that Floyd Mayweather Junior is currently in Puerto Rico. This, of course, has opened up the door to speculation that a possible fight between Mayweather and current 154 pound WBA Champion, Miguel Cotto could be looming. Some enthusiasts don’t like the idea of this fight, but it actually seems to be a great option.

I have always maintained that it made more sense for Mayweather and Pacquiao to take on the other reputable fighters between 140 and 147 divisions before actually facing each other.. Why? It makes good business sense. In essence, when these two powerhouse fighters match up that pretty much closes out their careers. Win, lose or draw, though more so for the loser. Look at the landscape. What else is out there for these guys? Mayweather beat Marquez and Mosley since his return to boxing. In that same time frame Pacquiao beat Cotto, Clottey and Hatton. The only highly recognizable fighter at 147 who hasn’t faced either guy is Andre Berto. Of course you also have Paul Williams (currently campaigning at 154) and Timothy Bradley (who campaigns at 140, though his last fight was at 147).

Cotto, since beating teak tough Yuri Foreman and joining forces with Emmanuel Steward, has rejuvenated his career. That doesn’t mean that he has necessarily learned new tricks but he has definitely done enough to put himself back in the picture with the major players. Still, diehard boxing fans as a whole, won’t accept a second match between Cotto and Pacquiao because he offered little in the first fight to warrant a rematch.

In contrast, Cotto taking on Mayweather is a horse of a different color. Cotto fans feel, though video evidence and documented statements suggest different, that Mayweather has ducked their hero. Given Cotto’s still huge following and Mayweather’s desire to promote his fights at all costs coupled with his total bad boy image, this fight would be big. In addition to that, this would be a considerable gauge for the actual potential of the Mayweather brand. Cotto Pacquiao did 1.25 million PPV buys. Mayweather, who is unabashed in proclaiming himself the king of PPV, would need to do at least as well to still lay claim to that title. In my opinion, this fight should do those numbers easily and possibly more than Mayweather Mosley (1.4 million).

In the aftermath, following the infamous Bob Arum deadline to Mayweather to matchup with Pacquiao, the industry buzz is that Pacquiao Margarito in Abu Dhabi is more likely than a rematch with Cotto. This frees up the path for Mayweather Cotto if that is the case.

Of course, as boxing goes, this is not without speculative questions. Is this really what all the parties involved had in mind from the beginning? Is HBO allowing itself to be the goat to ensure getting 4 to 5 mega fights as opposed to one super mega fight? Is Floyd waiting to see the outcome of his uncle’s trial before committing to anything? Given the poundings he took at the hands of Margarito and Pacquiao, and the all out wars against Mosley and Clottey, does Cotto have anything left in the tank to even offer anything up against Mayweather?

Mayweather could be only vacationing in Puerto Rico. Who knows? Still, I like the Pacquioa Margarito matchup a lot more than Pacquiao Cotto. Margarito won’t quit, though I’m not certain he is fully back from the suspension and the knock out to Mosley. Nevertheless, Pacquiao will have to take it from him. Also, I like the Mayweather Cotto matchup loads more than Mayweather Margarito. Even prior to the suspension, Margarito has a difficult time with Mayweather. That task would be exasperated by the layoff. Cotto, on the other hand, is a presser and his come forward style would offer up good action.

For my part, Pacquiao Margarito needs a decent co-main given the continuous scrutiny that engulfs Margarito. Mayweather Cotto is good enough stand alone. Still, without doubt, I’d watch both cards. Let’s hope we get these fights since we didn’t get Mayweather Pacquiao. Let’s hope.

Article posted on 23.07.2010

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