Boxing News: Did Shane Mosley Shake Floyd Mayweather’s Confidence?

Boxing News: Did Shane Mosley Shake Floyd Mayweather’s Confidence? You really have to wonder how Floyd Mayweather Jr. could leave a guaranteed $30+ million on the table by not signing to fight Manny Pacquiao. While Mayweather dominated Shane Mosley in their May 2010 bout Floyd showed that his chin could be more porcelain than granite after a Mosley right hand almost crumpled him. Granted, any fighter can be stunned by the right type of shot but after 25+ years boxing Floyd’s punch resistance may not be what it once was. Floyd is one of the more self-actualized boxers in the sport that is fully aware of his strengths and limitations.

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Boxing Picks Analysis: Floyd wasn’t just stunned by Mosley’s right hand momentarily, he was practically out on his feet for nearly two rounds. It could be that Mayweather has been aware that he doesn’t won the best set of whiskers, which is why he adopted such a risk-free boxing style. Remember that nobody really knew that Roy Jones Jr. was china-chinned until he started getting caught late in his career.

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Punch resistance is also something that fades over time. A human melon can only take so much trauma and as slick as Floyd Mayweather is he has taken some shots throughout sparring and bouts against world-class competition. The “Pretty Boy” displays a confident demeanor but that bomb he absorbed from Mosley might have robbed him of some bravado deep down.

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