Manny Pacquiao Might Fall into Floyd Mayweather's Trap

By Troy Sparks (Contributor) on July 26, 2010 267
Jeoffrey Maitem/Getty Images If Manny Pacquiao sticks with the November fight date, it may be a curse for him.

Antonio Margarito is a good challenger.

This might be a tune-up fight for the Pac Man.

But what if he retires from boxing after the Margarito match?

Pacquiao fighting Margarito is like a panther fighting an alleycat.

It's as safe of a fight as one could want. I think that HBO would be nuts to air this garbage fight.

Should the fight take place in Las Vegas, it'll be right in Floyd Mayweather's backyard. And if Mayweather shows up in person to watch, then he wins the mind game.

His presence might throw Pac Man off his game, which could take his attention off his fight with Margarito.

Pacquiao might see Mayweather's face with a twist of the neck when he's is sitting on the stool between rounds.

Or maybe he won't, if trainer Freddie Roach stays in his face and blocks Pac Man's view

Mayweather probably would call out Pacquiao after the fight on TV.

That was the same thing Shane Mosley did to "Money" in the ring after he won last year. As the homies would say in the streets, Mayweather would be "keeping it gangster."

I would like the cameras to zoom in on Mayweather after each round to get his reaction. Maybe he can commentate on the fight and get a close-up view. Then Mayweather will get a scouting report on his next "opponent," if the deal is back on.

I bet that Mayweather will wait until Pacquiao is worn out after his match with Margarito before announcing his interest in re-opening negotiations.

That's the mind game he loves to play sometimes.

In his case, Mayweather will be well-rested and fresh.

It adds pressure on the Pacquiao camp to talk to Team Mayweather to get their man signed and trained in less than six months.

What's at stake is millions of dollars, which Pacquiao will need 10 bags to carry after the projected pay-per-view figures are computed.

Or, maybe he'll need half a bag after the money-grubbing managing team takes over 80 percent of it.

The pound-for-pound fight will be up for grabs, and I can't wait to watch it.

If Mayweather comes down to 140, he can still handle Pacquiao and take the junior welterwweight title.

My prediction is that Pac Man will beat Margarita for his belt.

Then, if Mayweather agree to come down to Jr. welterweight and the belt is on the line, he'll dish out the whooping and take the belt too.

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