I Can't Wait Until Floyd Mayweather Finally Whips Manny Pacquaio

First off the bat, I'd like to go ahead and say that I am a fan of Manny Pacquiao. I am also a fan of Floyd Mayweather.

I know, it might seem hard to believe for some, but the two feelings are capable of co-existing within the same person.

That is because I am, first and foremost, a fan of the sport of boxing itself.

And I find it hard to fathom how anybody, who claims also to love boxing like I do, could not also describe themselves as fans of both pound-for-pound kings.

They are both phenomenal athletes, with mesmerizing boxing skills, which can only but be admired. That is, of course, if you are indeed a boxing fan.

But there in lies the problem.

There are so many people, particularly on this website, that are not fans of the sweet science at all, but are merely bandwagon members of the Manny Pacquiao train.

I see countless articles, and even more comments, bashing Floyd Mayweather.

Or is it now actually officially Floyd Gayweather?

He is called a coward, a chicken, and a ducker. His father is called a bum. He is the sole reason why the super-fight has not happened.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The people who say these things, blinded Pacquiao fans, are not fans of the sport. They simply can't be.

Because if you were, you would show respect to Floyd Mayweather. You would compliment him on his incredible talent in the ring, and feel lucky to be around to witness it.

You would not say he is boring, and you would not say he just runs away from his opponents like a little girl. You would recognize a boxing style, a style he has perfected, and you would appreciate it.

The behavior of a certain group of blinkered Manny Pacquaio really does piss me off. They spew out comment after comment of abuse towards a boxing genius, criticizing for him everything he does.

Again, if you were a boxing fan, you would not play the blame game at this time. You would be insulted by both fighters. Because like or not, both of these camps are to blame for not getting the deal done, and giving boxing fans their dream fight.

These are the same people who will also stress that their demi-God is a more humble, righteous man than his American adversary. But it is these characteristics that are valued within Pacquiao, that some of his fans disregard completely themselves.

They bear no resemblance whatsoever to the man they hold in such high esteem.

Floyd Mayweather regularly comes across as a complete asshole. Heck, he probably is a complete asshole.

But for a boxing fan, this should be irrelevant. He is a genius inside the ring, and his last few performances have been boxing masterclasses. That is what should matter.

Does he receive his due credit from die-hard Pacquiao fans?

Of course not. They are too blinded by their man's victory over Joshua Clottey to realize that Floyd, in his last two fights, has beaten the #2 and #3 rated pound-for-pound boxers in the world.

In fact he did not just beat them, he embarrassed them.

Don't get me wrong though—I love Manny Pacquiao. He is a breath of fresh air in not just the boxing world, but the sporting one. His is a credit to himself, and to his country, for what he has achieved both inside and outside the squared circle.

My problem is not with him. It is this new breed of Pacquiao followers that gets on my nerves.

Genuinely, it is becoming almost unbearable coming on this forum, and reading the diatribe that they lay upon another man. A man they have never even met. And a man, if they are proclaimed fans of boxing, they should look up to.

I wrote an article a week or so ago, listing eight fights other than Mayweather vs. Pacquiao that I would like to see.

This is one of the comments I received, and I feel it is testament to how juvenile, ignorant, and borderline racist, some Pacquaio fans are:


A valuable contribution, I'm sure you would agree.

As my headline dictates, I really hope Pacquiao gets schooled by Mayweather when they do finally get it on.

Not just because I think that's what will happen, and I will win a lot of money on it, but because every single one of these Pacquiao 'nuthuggers' will crawl back under their rock, and real fans can get on with actually discussing boxing again.

A novel idea, but just so crazy it might work.


I love you all really.


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