Floyd Mayweather Awaits the Fate of Uncle and Trainer Roger Mayweather

Ronald C Charles: While the boxing world awaited the signature of Floyd Mayweather to appear on a contract next to the name Manny Pacquiao in some hot office in the desert, Floyd himself may have his attentions fixed elsewhere.

Roger Mayweather, Floyd's uncle and trainer, was charged with assault stemming from an altercation with female boxer Melissa St. Vil last year; he will appear in court August 2nd in Clark County District Court, Las Vegas, Nevada, facing up to ten years in prison if convicted.

Roger working the pads with Melissa.

Only a week after Melissa St. Vil found herself dodging the menacing jabs of six-time amateur national champion Jennifer Han of El Paso, whom she defeated, she found herself fighting for her life with Roger Mayweather, the uncle and trainer of Floyd Mayweather in a Las Vegas condo.

According to “Little Miss Tyson”, Roger Mayweather forced himself into her condominium and began threatening her. A struggle ensued with Roger Mayweather punching St Vil in the face and ribs, then choking her. St Vil apparently defended herself by grabbing a lamp and smashing it over Mayweather’s head.

Police were called and Mayweather was arrested and charged with one count of coercion and hammered with a second count of battery with strangulation, Mayweather was later released on bail.

During a recent statement at the Top Rank website, chief executive Bob Arum said “I don’t know for sure, and nobody has told me this, but I’m assuming that Floyd Mayweather is concerned regarding the future and availability of his uncle and trainer Roger. As I said it’s just an educated guess, I know Manny Pacquiao would have issues fighting such a fight if Freddie Roach were not available.”

Who can blame Floyd Mayweather if this is the reason behind the fight with Manny Pacquiao not coming to fruition; Roger Mayweather has trained Floyd since he turned pro back in 1996.

Bob Arum left the door open for Mayweather, initially a deadline was set for this past weekend; however, the deadline came and passed with no negotiations taking place from either party. Arum suggested he would look elsewhere for an opponent for Pacquiao’s scheduled defence of his WBO welterweight title on November. The names Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto where mentioned but Arum made it clear; both would be made aware of the door being left open for Floyd Mayweather for a period of ten days, (or as I would suggest the conclusion of Roger’s trial)


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