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There has been plenty of buzz and rumors around Las Vegas recently regarding a possible comeback by boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather retired undefeated in June of 2008 following big paydays against Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton. Despite making millions in those two fights, and being the top boxer on HBO for several years, there are rumors that Mayweather needs money.

The website ran a story yesterday that claims Mayweather has found out he owes the IRS $6.1 million in back taxes and may be facing a lien for the money. Despite making millions, Mayweather has several rather expensive hobbies. He likes to “Make it Rain” often throwing $30,000-$40,000 in the air at clubs for the crowd to scoop up. He also frequently bets big money on sporting events from his home city of Las Vegas. Mayweather’s gambling was shown on the HBO Countdown series. What the tv show didn’t go into is that Mayweather is a really BAD gambler. He once got in a fistfight with longtime friend 50 Cent over money Mayweather owed the rapper from a gambling debt. Mayweather also blew a lot of money on a collection of luxury automobiles. If you watch Cribs, you know Mayweathers owns more than 20 cars.

All of this had led to rumors of Mayweather returning to the ring sometime late in 2009. The most likely scenario would have him facing Manny Pacquiao for another big payday.

Mayweather has always fancied himself as somewhat of a businessman. He has long said his goal was “to be a billionaire.” Among those who doubt Mayweather’s business acumen is the boxer’s own father. Floyd Maweather Sr. (who admittedly has a terrible relationship with his son)recently told the Grand Rapids Press,

“He won’t be a billionaire in a billion years. Mark my words, someday he’ll be running through the streets of Grand Rapids broke.”

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