Give us the truth about Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao

AFTER all the hype, the Pacquiao v Mayweather showdown bit the dust - but who stopped it happening?
Most of the time, when big fights fail to make the ring, promoters get the blame.

That is the situation right now with Bob Arum, Manny Pacquiao's promoter, being criticised in America for the breakdown.

He has been accused of lying about negotiating with Floyd Mayweather's team.

Arum swears he held talks with Mayweather's manager Al Haymon via HBO president Ross Greenburg - but could not do a deal.

Yet Leonard Ellerbe, another of Mayweather's advisors, claims no offers were made through Greenburg.

For the past couple of weeks, Arum has even insisted a gagging order was in place and he could not reveal anything to the media.

If Ellerbe is right, Arum has made it all up. Greenburg has refused to comment.

It is a curious situation made even more curious by the fact Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer has also abided by the gagging order.

Schaefer's boss, Golden Boy head Oscar De La Hoya, caused a stir on TV a fortnight ago when he said the fight was nearly made. Confusingly, Golden Boy also have a slice of Mayweather.

Arum said: "This is Alice In Wonderland time, it's preposterous.

"It's almost like dealing with people who have lost their minds. It's totally bizarre. I mean, how do you answer to something like that?

"Well, Richard Schaefer has said for seven weeks that there was a gagging order in place when he was asked about the negotiations.

"If there are no negotiations, then why or how is there a gagging order and where did it come from?"


Some are trying to blame Arum but the truth is that if Mayweather really wanted the fight to happen, it would.

I have spoken to Bob over the past few weeks and he was very optimistic the duo would get it on - and I don't believe for one minute talks have not taken place.

The one man who can end the confusion is Greenburg and he should, for the fans' sake.

My feeling is the problem lies with Mayweather, 33, who has always seemed reluctant to face Pacquiao.

It is certainly unusual for the top two pound-for-pound fighters at the back end of their careers not to get it on.

Instead, it looks like Pacquiao, 31, will fight Antonio Margarito. That one is set to be a cracker but will not be the box office extravaganza Pacquiao versus Mayweather would be.

HBO are eyeing a Super Six style light-welterweight show involving the likes of Amir Khan. It's a shame the event is not taking place in a year as 2007 world amateur champ Frankie Gavin would be ready to fight.

GOLDEN BOY Promotions have been fined $10,000 by the New York State Athletic Commission for failing to lodge key documents after their May 15 show involving Amir Khan against Paul Malignaggi

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