Floyd Mayweather beats WOMEN!!! I've got proof!!!?

Floyd Mayweather is too afraid to fight men in the ring, so he just runs around them in circles, and throws little fairy princess punches, he's too terrified to even get in a ring with Manny Pacquiao, but he has NO PROBLEM beating up women!!!

Check THIS out


I dare you,...I DARE YOU mayweather Fans,...defend this lttle b**** NOW!!! Defend him now!!!

C'mon lets hear it,.... what excuse do you have for him now??? The guy beats women!!! And won't fight men,...defend him now!!!

I wonder if he drug tested the women he beat up???? Did he make them submit to Olympic style drug testing??? I mean,...after all WHAT if they were on PED's???

I wouldn't worry though,... even though Mayweather beats up women,...we ALL KNOW he can't hit very hard, so I'm sure they'e doing just fine!

Hitting them probably hurt his delicate little hands, much more than it hurt them,...so, he probably went and got some more xylocaine,...you know a preformance enhancing drug that's illegal everywhere outside of Nevada,....a PED that Mayweather won't fight without. A preformamce enhancing drug he admits to using.

See, Mayweather has no problem with Preformance enhancing drugs,...if ONLY he can use them. And, he'll take a tough fight,...if its with a woman!!!

This guy crys,... In public,...they have a video of this little B**** freakin' CRYING on youtube,...CRYING!!!! This guy CRYS,... are you kidding me???

The guy runs from his opponents INSIDE and OUTSIDE the ring, He uses PED's and then accuses other people of doing it, HE BEATS UP GIRLS,....HE BEATS UP GIRLS!!! And he crys in public!!!

How do Mayweather fans defend him??? How???


What could be more cowardly???

Defend him now Mayweather fans!!!! What do you have to say now???
6 months ago
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6 months ago

Hey cathee ur funny,....

Cathee you really are an idiot!!!

Which is funny because your so quick to call someone a pactard

You say you know so much about purto rican boxers, blah blah blah

Too bad Cotto didn't know anything about Pacquiao,...who knocked him out!!! ha ha ha
6 months ago

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